Leftist Shut Down “Truth Over Fear” to Silence Health Professionals Concerns About Lockdowns and Experimental Vaccines

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According to The Gateway Pundit

The oligarchs will stop at nothing to block the truth about COVID-19, the experimental gene therapy injection it spawned, and the people who sponsored the pandemic. The latest victim is Patrick Coffin and his Restore the Culture initiative. But read on for great news.

The software company Kartra, a division of Genesis Digital of LaJolla, California, pulled the plug on Patrick Coffin’s “Truth Over Fear Summit” earlier today. Patrick Coffin had contracted with Kartra to host the summit online.

The move by Kartra and GenesisDigital appears intended to prevent Coffin’s subscribers from learning about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine, an experimental, unapproved gene therapy that triggers a genetic mutation in humans. (That’s it’s intended effect, not a side-effect.)

Patrick Coffin, the host of the 3-day summit which drew over 45,000 viewers, wrote in an email to registered members

Searches for anything related to the Truth Over Fear Summit produce errors as the left focuses all its resources on blocking the truth. To find out what the summit is about, watch this awesome interview of Patrick Coffin on a recent episode of Fr. Richard Heilman’s Grace Force Podcast with Doug Berry.

Patrick Coffin is a spiritual warrior for Jesus Christ who has been permanently banned from YouTube who refuses to relinquish Coffin’s proprietary videos in violation of their own terms of service. (Never sign a contract with a leftist; they honor nothing, and no one will hold them to account.)

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