KSDK Talks Backpack Armor with Tactical Shit!

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KSDK recently reported on the sale of bullet proof backpacks and decided to test one out as well as get a professional opinion about the product that they had purchased from a well known office supply store. Bullet proof backpacks have become a necessity on some parents back to school shopping list wanting to protect their children while some people criticize those retailers selling them as trying to profit off tragedy.

Despite the naive criticism bullet proof backpacks have many uses some people whose occupations prohibit firearms on the premises are still protected by the bullet proof backpacks and can even purchase the inserts seperately to go into their briefcases, or laptop cases.

KSDK Reports

For around $130, shoppers can pick up the Proshield II backpack at Office Depot Office Max stores. The bag’s maker, Guard Dog Security, claims it will stop many kinds of bullets. So, 5 On Your Side put it to the test

We bought the Proshield II and took it to Tactical (Store) in St. Peters to see what experts think of it. Store manager Alex Milberg said parents interested in this kind of backpack need to read the label carefully.

“Check the rating. That’s going to tell you what it’s able to stop and then you’ll see whether it’s actually certified,” said Milberg.

The Proshield II has an official NIJ Level III certification. That’s on par…

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Once again knowing the NIJ certification or whether or not it has one is of upmost importance. Many companies claim that they are NIJ compliant. this IS NOT the same as certified! Armor is life support equipment and buying cheap can cost you or your loved ones lives. More info on ratings and compliant vs certified can be found HERE! and HERE!

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