Kidnapping Thwarted by Good Guy with Gun!

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The more this happens the more we are going to share it. Because the gun grabbing left always ask why we need a gun? When a tragedy is seconds away from happening the police are minutes away. Luckily a man exercising his 2nd amendment rights was able to come to the aide of the child and stop the man!

Foxnews reports that an attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old Phoenix girl on the way to school was scuttled when a witness intervened, knocked down the suspect and threatened him with a handgun, police said in a Monday report.

The unidentified suspect allegedly grabbed the girl as she walked, took her arm and placed it behind her back and then covered her face with his own arm in an April 3 incident.

Noting the situation, a witness reportedly knocked the man to the ground and told him to leave the girl alone. He then pointed the gun at the suspect and demanded he leave, Sgt. Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix police said, according…

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