Jesus Christ The Stuffed Lion Lawyer Cost Parents their Kids.

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You seriously cant make this stuff up.

The Tribunist writes

The headline to this article says just about everything that needs to be said, yet there’s more to this story. It begins, though, with that statement. A couple decided that the custody of their child might best be handled by a stuffed lion. Though the family identified their legal counsel as Jesus Christ, the court seemed less convinced.

What could possibly go wrong? The news is coming out of British Columbia. That, too, has surprised many, as this is not a very Canadian headline.

“The couple,” The Daily Mail writes, “who cannot be named to protect their child, spoke in tongues to the lion, and during cross examination explained to witnesses ‘it was their lawyer Jesus Christ asking the questions through the voice of the parent’.”

Both parents were reportedly arrested in May of last year after they attempted to cleanse their church of “evil influences.” One church even asked if they could get restraining orders issued for the couple.

The trouble with their new daughter began at the child’s birth. The “mother refused a vitamin K shot, eye drops, a blood test, and a hearing test for her baby, and several medical procedures and tests for herself,” DM notes.

That alone wasn’t enough for the coupe to lose custody, but the child was taken in November of 2016 after authorities became concerned about the mother’s mental health and accusations of abuse.

“While attending a lunch program before her daughter’s birth, the mother told a social worker her husband, who grew up in a cult, would choke her to…

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There really should be a test to determine if someone should have kids…

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