ISIS Goat Hostage Targets a New Trend

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With ISIS continuing their carnage over in the Middle East along with several isolated attacks occurring in Europe, North America, and elsewhere, it is more important than EVER that you be properly prepared should you have to defend yourself from an ISIS attack or bust up an ISIS sex ring.

Our ISIS Goat Hostage Splatter Targets give you the ability to properly train and prepare should you happen to come across a member of ISIS and his favorite goat. However, the primary concern we have here at Tactical Sh*t is hurting the innocent goat when trying to blast the ISIS member back to his 72 virgins. This splatter target will help you feel much more comfortable shooting while ISIS man is clutching his lover. The last thing we would want to do is blow the innocent goat to smithereens amiright? Save your bullets for the terrorist.

If you are someone who values goats’ lives over terrorists lives, you have found your product. Not only do you get excellent practice for a potential future encounter, you get TEN targets allowing you to feel completely confident in your shooting abilities should you be unfortunate enough to stumble upon one of those ISIS sex rings. Ten targets=ten goats’ lives saved.

Do we really need to say more?

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