Isis Fighter Killed When Drone Bomb “Returns to home” *Graphic*

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So most modern store bought drones come with a special feature, a failsafe. If the remote dies, the battery runs lows, loses GPS, etc. the drone will return to its initial point of take off. The Return to home feature can be a life saver for those who spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their new piece of equipment.

Fortunately this special feature aided in dealing out a dose of Karma against its operator and the Isis member intended to send the drone into the city to bomb allied forces according to TheSun.

It would seem that Johnny Jihad forgot that electronic devices or in this case drones require a certain amount of power to operate correctly. Well this low battery indication triggered the devices return to home setting and now asshole is no longer of this plane of existence.

Isis has been utilizing drones to “Extend the Caliphate” as seen in the video below. These drones have been retrofitted with grenades or other small explosives and are designed to drop when over the target.

Fortunately Anti-drone devices are quickly making their ways onto the battlefield as well as law enforcement.

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