Indias had it with Pakistans sh*t!

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Yeah, Thats right. The same Pakistan that sheltered and hid Bin Laden before some seals found out his location and started stacking bodies. Pakistan again has painted a big ol red target on itself after failing time and time again to deal with the terrorists on the border. India bombed the ever living fuck out of several terrorist camps after a deadly suicide bombing in India’s half of Kashmir that killed at least 40 troops.

FoxNews reports A junior minister in India says the country launched an airstrike in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir targeting “terror camps,” an apparent response to a suicide attack earlier this month that killed 40 Indian troops in the disputed territory.

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat tweeted Tuesday that the air force “carried out aerial strike early morning today at terror camps across the LoC and Completely destroyed it.” The Line of Control separates Pakistani and Indian forces in Kashmir.

Pakistan said earlier that Indian aircraft crossed into its territory and dropped bombs “in haste” near Balakot, on the edge of Pakistani-ruled Kashmir. It said there were no casualties.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the Cabinet Committee on Security Tuesday. No statement was issued after the meeting, but Human Resources Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters: “This was a necessary step by the air force. The whole country is behind the armed forces.”

Tensions have soared between the two nuclear-armed rivals since the…

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