I’m Not JEWISH! 5 FAST facts on Esteban Santiago

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The gunman who shot and killed at least five people at Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida screamed “I’m not Jewish,” according to ABC News, which quoted witnesses.

Esteban Santiago, reportedly a U.S. citizen with military identification, is accused of being the shooter who randomly gunned down at least 13 people at a Fort Lauderdale airport baggage claim area.

The Heavy Reports

MSNBC said the shooter may have retrieved a gun from his luggage after arriving on a flight and NBC News reported that the weapon may have been checked “lawfully.” The Palm Beach Post reported that the gunman may have emerged firing from a bathroom.

The latest accounts say that five people have died in the attack. The motive is not yet known, although details are starting to come in on the background of the accused gunman, who is alive and being grilled by federal law enforcement.

A U.S. senator, Bill Nelson, first gave the suspect’s name out live on MSNBC. Other news stations confirmed the name of the suspect through sources.

1. The Alleged Shooter Had Lived in New Jersey & Is a U.S. Citizen, News Reports Say

2. The Accused Shooter Was Carrying Military Identification & Was in the National Guard

3. Multiple People Were Gunned Down in Baggage Claim

4. The Suspect May Have Arrived on a Flight & Checked His Gun Into His Luggage

5. Despite Fears, There Was No Second Active Shooter

It was not yet clear what the motive was for the mass shooting or whether it was the result of a domestic motive or a foreign one.

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