“I want the pain relief without the high”, Interview with Pro-Cannabis Veteran

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More and more research has been coming out across the globe, about how marijuana has medicinal purposes.

Many states in the U.S. have already legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and/or medical research. As such there is a growing movement among veterans, in support of medical marijuana and cannabis therapies.

One Veteran, who has asked to remain anonymous for the fact that his state has not legalized marijuana, has multiple ailments which the V.A. cannot/isn’t able to treat. “…the pain is so bad some days that a simple flight off stairs feels like daggers shooting through my entire body…” he says.

For purposes of this article we will refer to this anonymous Veteran as “Bob”. Bob is a heavily experienced Combat Veteran having served in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. He has asked me not to reveal his branch of service, or method of service for similar ‘legal’ worries.

“The V.A. keeps screwing me over.” he says, “surgeries for my legs have been rescheduled time and time again. I tell them how bad the pain is and they keep throwing Hydrocodone prescriptions at me. I don’t want a FUCKING NARCOTIC that I am going to get hooked on!!!!”

The tears in Bobs eyes tug at my heart. You can see the pain that he has to deal with on a daily basis, and the desperate urge to get relief. Bob goes on to tell me about the studying and research he has done into other pain management therapies and PTSD treatment programs.

Bob tells me that once he discovered the different cannabis treatments available, he was more than interested. “I never touched weed in High School. So I didn’t know what to expect the first time  I tried it. It felt funny, and I was hungry. All I wanted was chocolate and a soda. Then I noticed something else. The pain was gone. I could walk, I could jump. The stairs were no match for me. And that night, I slept like a baby. My first night in 10 years without a nightmare.”

Diagnosed with Chronic Arthritis through over 80% of his body, no cartilage in his knees, PTSD and a TBI; Bob has had very little success with the V.A. and great success with self treatment using cannabis. “It’s amazing, I use a little bit, and I have no pain for several days. I really wish I could get the pain relief without the high though; I’ve put on like 5 pounds. Damn munchies.” He says.

Bob is not alone. There are many Veterans who agree with Bob, and several organizations dedicated to the legalization of cannabis therapies and opening of treatment centers for PTSD/TBI patients. Recent studies show, that cannabis oils can even help fight cancer.


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