Hundreds gather at site of Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson.

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On the Four year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown people gathered at the memorial which so far has remained a peaceful gathering. Which hopefully wont transform into protesting and rioting as done in previous years.

FoxNews reports

FERGUSON, Mo. – Thursday, August 9 marks the fourth anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown by former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

Wednesday night Brown`s father and a few dozen other people set up a makeshift memorial where he was shot and killed.  They placed candles and teddy bears around a bronze plaque and dove that was installed in 2015.

Following Brown’s death, a…

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Remembering Mike Brown JR

Posted by Real Stl News on Thursday, August 9, 2018

The shooting happened shortly after officers were sent to investigate reports of a robbery at a convenience store. The police later indicated that officer Wilson did not know that Brown was a robbery suspect. Officer Wilson was placed on administrative leave after he had shot brown.

Despite autopsy results which further idicated that officer wilson did NOTHING WRONG (Mike Browns blood on the handgun and gun powder burns in deep tissue indicating a struggle inside the officers cruiser) and was simply defending his own life Ferguson went nuts rioting, looting, burning down businesses, etc.

As mentioned earlier the memorial has stayed peaceful despite the video calling for 4000 men to the site of the shooting.

Asking for 4000 men To come to Canfield tomorrow at 10:00 Am.. The Rememory of Mike Brown JR

Posted by Real Stl News on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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