Ankle monitor removal video leads to felony charge!

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If you’re gonna be dumb don’t post it to Facebook. How many videos do we see a day or have submitted to us? A lot, A lot of them. Some genius in Missouri posted his sweet escape tactic to Facebook somehow thinking it wouldn’t go viral and spread or fall into the hands of law enforcement. Well, that’s exactly what it did and now hes in hot water.

Photocredit: Greene County Sheriff’s Office

According to FoxNews A Missouri man was placed behind bars last week after allegedly posting a “how to” video on Facebook about removing an ankle monitor without damaging it.

Dustin Burns, 33, of Springfield, was charged with a felony for tampering with electronic monitoring equipment, authorities said. The video, apparently posted in July, had more than 38,000 views as of Wednesday. It shows a man, whom authorities believe is Burns, using a butter knife and screwdriver to remove an ankle monitor.

“This is how you take the ankle bracelet off,” the man says in the video, ” … without breaking the circuit.”

Burns pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order earlier this year and was placed on probation, the Springfield News-Leader reported, citingcourt records.

The man advises viewers to remove the ankle monitor without damaging it to avoid hefty fines.

The nearly 4-minute-long video ends with the man holding the ankle monitor up to the camera after removing the device.

The Facebook profile, under the…

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