Hogg: “If you need an AR15 to defend yourself you need more practice…”

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“And there I was…” boy is at it again. This kid just doesn’t know when to quit. David Hogg has stepped into the spotlight yet again blessing us with his vast amount of knowledge on guns and how they work. Just so we’re clear according to David Hogg, “If you need an AR15 to defend yourself you need more target practice because you’re a terrible shot”. Just let that sink in for a bit.

This all panned out after David decided to reply to a tweet stating that an AR15 and a handgun both fire semi automatic

For someone who isn’t trying to take our guns he sure does do a lot of campaigning with people who are ACTIVELY try to… Anyway here is the crown jewel of the the entire topic on twitter.

Many sources believe that Davids posting is  in response to the President inviting people on stage at the annual NRA meeting

Either-way there is just one bit of advice we’d love to bestow upon David at this time.


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