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Here is your chance to win an awesome 300blk AR pistol and help an even better cause.  All donations go to the USO of Missouri (

Since its inception in 1981, over 4.1 million military and their families have benefited from the services provided by the USO of Missouri, Inc. The USO of Missouri, Inc provides services to the entire state of Missouri and the Southern Illinois counties of Jersey, Madison, Monroe and St. Clair. For more information contact the USO of Missouri, Inc.

$1,299.99 Value

Please include you email address at checkout and we will email you a photo of your raffle ticket.

*do not need to be present to win, must be eligible to own a firearm, and it is legal to own in your area of residence……oh and free shipping.

You can buy your raffle tickets here

Kelly Firearms and Tactical Shit have collaborated to build one of the gooniest 300blk AR pistols in the history of man, “The Hobit”.  A best of an AR pistol ready for home defense, hunting, or just some simple plinking.

Features include:

Anderson Mfg lower (provided and built by Kelly Firearms)

Tactical Shit Upper

Surefire socom flash hider

Ballistic Advantage 16″ 9mm Barrel

9″ Ballistic Advantage 300blk barrel

Tactical Shit SP4 low-mass BCG

Tactical Shit Scythe Ambi charging handle

VLTOR 9″ Freedom Rail in Keymod

SLT-1 Trigger

Magpul MOE+ grip.

SB Tactical SB4 pistol brace.

You can buy your raffle tickets here

You can buy your raffle tickets here


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