Heavyily Armed Poachers learn the meaning of Fair game!

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What goes around comes around. These dickheads learned the hard way how Karma works.

The tribunist writes

This is a macabre feel-good story for those who sympathize with the plight of the world’s rhinos. A group of poachers trespassed onto a South African game reserve. They were there to kill rhinos. The poachers became the poached, though, when the men ran up against a pride of lions. Three men were killed and eaten.

“At least three hunters are believed to have been devoured by the predators, judging by the bloody scene on the Sibuya Game Reserve near Kenton-on-Sea in Eastern Province, South Africa,” The Daily Mail writes about the ironic turn of events.

“One head and a number of bloodied body parts and limbs have been recovered from the area, along with three pairs of empty shoes.”

There were other indications of the poachers intentions. The body parts were located near high powered rifles, silencers, wire cutters and the type of axe typically used to remove rhino horns from dead rhinos.

A search of the scene is being conducted by helicopter, but no other poachers have been located.

Sibuya Game Reserve’s owner, Nick Fox, explained the find. “We found enough body parts and…

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