*Graphic* Hostage taker Shot Dead by police!

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Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day they put on their uniform. Yet people still criticize them worldwide for doing their job. The local police in the city of Valenca 160km away from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil came to the aid of one elderly woman after she was taken hostage by a thief who had fled the scene after robbing a jewelry story According to civil police.

Bystanders cheered after the Officer shot the thief and the woman escaped unharmed.

$13,000 worth of jewels and a .38 revolver were recovered.  The woman even received a bouquet of flowers at the end of the ordeal.

The officer arrived on scene after having been alerted to the robbery at which point the thief grabbed the woman and held her at gun point using her as a human shield to protect himself from the law in an effort to make an escape. When the woman stumbled and fell to the ground the officers seized the opportunity to open fire and killed the woman’s assailant according to the PMERJ (Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State)

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