Girl brings knife to a gunfight! Apologizes!*Graphic*

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Here we go again, this probably wasn’t her best idea but a teen decided to completely ignore an officers commands to drop a weapon. Instead she decided to suddenly charge the officer which forced him to open fire.

The Tribunist writes Police body cam footage released Thursday showed a 17-year-old girl crying and apologizing to officers after she forced them to shoot her. The teen had a kitchen knife and proceeded to rush officers who were backing away from her. It’s unclear if the teen was suicidal and hoping to be killed by police.

Oxnard Police Department in California released edited body cam footage of a May 3rd incident  after they received a call that a woman was holding a 12-inch knife and “seemed disturbed.” Officer Timothy Roberts arrived behind a fast food restaurant where they found the unnamed teen walking.











Officer Roberts can be seen in the video approaching the girl and telling her to come to sit down on the curb. When the teen grabs a knife out of her pants, the officer immediately begins to try to deescalate the situation.

“Drop it,” the officer could be heard saying. “No,” she replied. “Come on shoot me,” she adamantly said. “I’ve been waiting all day.”

As officers try to calm the troubled teen down, she rushes towards them and is immediately shot three times before she drops and hits the pavement. Officers remove the knife from her, and the teen then utters: “I’m so sorrry…

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