Fudd Lord raided by ATF!

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The cache consisted primarily of revolvers and hunting rifles with a couple modern sporting rifles mixed in. Needless to say the people of Los Angeles were triggered after the LAPD & ATF raided a upscale home in Holmby Hills and seized more than 1000 firearms. As you can imagine the media immediately jumped onto the story. But how could this be? Certainly California’s strict gun control would have stopped this right? Oh wait criminals don’t obey laws.

57 year old Girard Saenz was arrested at the scene and charged with violating California’s control of deadly weapons law which seems to be a catch all for “assault weapons” Yes we know, we hate that term too. According to Fox8 the law prohibits the manufacture, distribution, transportation, importation and sale of any assault rifle or .50 BMG rifles, except in specific circumstances.

The arrest came after law enforcement served a a search warrant at 4am weds after receiving a tip that someone was manufacturing and selling illegal firearms inside the home.

Despite many media outlets reporting full automatic super death machines its hard to tell from the pictures. It certainly looks more like a collection mostly comprised of revolvers and hunting rifles with a handful of modern sporting rifles in the mix.

But the biggest thing  point out is how this seizure, despite all the gun laws in California, highlights just how ineffective gun control really is. It simply does not work.  Criminals will never obey gun laws and will always find a way to acquire weapons.

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