Florida Student arrested on campus after illegally modifying AR15 to shoot full auto!

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A story is going viral after a engineering student at UCF has been arrested on campus for modifying his AR15 to fire fully automatic. The weapon was retrieved from the vehicle in the Campus’ parking garage. As the pictures of the rifle circulate many are quick to point out that there is not a third hole. Which would make sense if he was using a lightning link or drop in auto sear that does in fact require the selector to be switched rearward just like other Drop in Auto Sears!


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Max Chambers is the hero we deserve. The fuckin’ balls on this guy!

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When a reporter asked him if fully automatic weapons should be legal He answered, “Yes”

FOX 13 Reports They say that anonymous reports were reported through Crimeline on Monday. This alerted UCFPD to the possible manufacturing and possessing of multiple drop-in auto sears (DIAS) by a UCF student. These devices, when installed, increase the rate of fire of a weapon. So, DIAS can turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon.

“At no time was there an expressed threat to the university community. However, any violation of state law and university policies related to firearms is concerning in this day and age” said UCF Police Chief Carl Metzger. “We’re grateful for the anonymous reporting and our partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, both of which enabled us to take swift action and get these illegal devices off our campus.”

UCFPD says that they have previously made contact with Chambers in spring 2018. They were responding to a report of a weapons policy violation in his on-campus residence. Chambers was in possession of a part of a firearm, which is not illegal but was a violation of campus policies. UCF’s policy and state laws were explained to him at that time.

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One final and very important note the Police chief did go on record to state that there was NEVER any threat to the University.

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