Florida man kicked chicken like ‘a field goal

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According to CBS 47

A Florida man is accused of kicking a chicken “like a football player kicks a field goal,” so hard that he broke four of the animal’s ribs, authorities said. Chew told deputies he was “kicking the chicken out the way” and was annoyed by the noise the animal was making, the Miami Herald reported.

The incident took place March 22 in Marathon, deputies said. Authorities responded to a call about a domestic argument, the newspaper reported. When Sgt. Joel Slough arrived, he was told by Chew’s girlfriend that “she was mad that Chew kicked a chicken and possibly broke its leg,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

“Chew admitted to kicking the chicken out of the way, further admitting his annoyance by the noise the birds cause,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “A separate witness stated he saw Chew kick the chicken in the way a football player would kick a field goal.”


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