Florida Couple Buys Baby Bouncer, Gets Rifle Instead!

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A Facebook post is going viral after it shows that a parent had bought a baby bouncer but ended up with something else entirely. Inside of the box they found a Mossberg .22 AR. At first we were a bit skeptical because from the initial post it appeared that the rifle would not fit in the box however, the post was updated with a video to show that the rifle did in fact fit inside the box.

According to Fox32 Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez said she was attending a baby shower on Sunday, so she stopped by the Goodwill in Valparaiso to pick up a gift. That’s where she found a Baby Einstein baby bouncer in an unopened box that appeared to be new. For only $9.99, it was quite a bargain — especially when it turned out to be two gifts in one.

Alvarez-Rodriguez took the gift to the baby shower where the father-to-be opened the box and said “You guys got me a gun,” the Palm Beach Post reported.

Turns out, the baby bouncer box also contained a Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rife with live ammo in it.

Alvarez-Rodriguez posted photos of the unexpected gift to Facebook.

“When you go to the Goodwill for a baby shower gift thinking you got a good deal on a bouncer ($10) not even opened and you end up opening a 🔫MOSSBERG 715T Semi-Auto Rifle,” she wrote.

“Total shock for us,” she told FOX 35 News. “But also hilarious and just glad it came into safe hands with all of our husbands being military.”

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The story does have a happy ending though the Rifle has been rehomed! The woman who reported the finding decided to keep the rifle.

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