Female cop fights for her life then Karma Happens! *CHILLING GRAPHIC CONTENT*

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A chilling video is making its rounds on social media that has many keyboard commandos chiming in and Monday morning quarterbacking on the situation.  Below we take a look at the video of the incident and take a look at what some Experienced Tactical Trainers have to say about her actions in this situation.

The video shows a female officer investigating a parked car on a maintenance road on a golf course she gets the drivers plates and info. The driver hands her another slip of paper as a distraction before pulling a gun. The officer drops her light and takes control of the firearm and a struggle ensues.

It seems that many think that her screaming is the result of being poorly trained, and honestly until you have had a gun in your face, you cant talk shit. This is actually very common in a scenario when flight or fight kicks in. Officer Tedesco chose to fight and that in its own light it commendable. Whether she was screaming or yelling is of no consequence. Because at the end of the day she had control of the threat. She saved her own life by grabbing that muzzle. Tedesco believed that the suspect did pull the trigger but the gun did not fire and if you think about it by grabbing that slide she could have very well caused the suspects gun to go out of battery and malfunction which prevented it from firing. Can you tell from the video no? But do you hear the shitbag getting any shots off? Absolutely not. Which is why this may be plausible.

carrytrainer This happened in my area last summer. The headline read “Retreat was not an option” This is a great depiction of how “making space can be the last choice you make. Space does what in this? Yep, gives the shithead a nice chance to shoot. Authorities reported after the shooting that the victim was wanted in Pennsylvania for the murder of an 88-year-old man three days earlier. Kenneth Maretell was not going to jail.“As the officer was reading the document, Martell produced a handgun and pointed it directly at her head. It became apparent that the tender of a piece of paper was designed to distract Officer Tedesco from what Martell was about to do,” the report stated. She fought hard for the muzzle and won. Scream, yell, get angry, be ferocious. Have that discussion with yourself. Decide now to what ends you will go to prevail.
Real evil is not cardboard.
#beyourowncavalry Officer Tedesco sure was.

instructor_zee  Great job fighting for her life here. I’m glad she has the “switch” that put her in action even though she was visibly in fear for her life. I like to look for things besides the obvious in many of the videos that circulate the internet. I think this guy thought he would intimidate her with a gun and she didn’t wait to find out what his intentions were before she took action. A criminal will do the same thing if they feel their life is on the line. They don’t care who is wrong or right. They will ATTACK and potentially take your gun.
Your gun is only yours if you can keep them from taking it.✊

The only shots fired were by the back up officer who at first doesn’t seem to be in any hurry or realize there’s a gun. It appears he takes his time getting to the scene of the struggle until he realizes theres a gun involved and even then continues to take his time to line up for a kill shot. Karma fucking delivered.

But why didn’t she make space? Take a look at the video. Where could she have gone? There was literally no cover between her and the driver. Backing away and attempting to pull her service weapon would have most likely cost the officer her life. There wasn’t adequate time for her to take any action, in fact if she would have backed away it would have given the piece of shit in the driver seat plenty of time to fire. Another Instagram user pointed out that her first mistake was being squared in the window of the suspects car she should have been 45 degrees to the front or rear depending where her patrol car was parked and outside of the “Fatal Funnel” additionally she should have been yelling, “GUN GUN GUN” to make her partner or backup aware of the situation. This may have played into why it appears that the backup officer did not realize there was a firearm.

We reached out to a couple regarding this theory. As one Officer stated,

“Other then she shouldn’t be a cop based off the “I’ll just leave” comment when she started fighting with him and she should have pushed off drew and fired till her slide locked back. Oh yeah. He would have gotten a round or 2 off. Any video you see of an officer peeling off in the same situation (and there’s dozens) The suspect always gets a few rounds off. Sometimes he lands a round and sometimes he doesn’t but the officer is always able to retreat to his car for cover or just spins and unloads”

And to his credit this tactic is effective in dealing with armed suspects. One officer did fall back in a similar incident when a suspect in a truck produced a gun.

Now onto the elephant in the room so to speak. In regards to physical fitness and training. These two go hand in hand and will most assuredly aide in the survival of law enforcement. Had the suspect been outside of the vehicle and on foot. This incident could have played out very differently. He may have ran away and a chase would have ensued or in the worst case scenario he could have pursued the officer further. Either way both would have ended badly. Being able to move is critical when engaged in a gunfight. Furthermore, training, has been mentioned quite a few times on Instagram with varying opinions on the situation

tony_cowden When I watch this I don’t see a an overweight officer who made every mistake and screamed pathetically until luck arrived. I don’t see a second overweight officer who doesn’t know he can shoot thru a windshield. I see a perp who wasn’t dedicated to killing an officer, but mostly I see a Chiefof Police who failed these officers by allowing them to be on patrol so gossly unprepared and unfit for the job. Leadership is responsible for everything that does and does not happen. #rltw
Having said that, leadership in LEAs is rare. If you’re an officer it your individual duty to ready yourself. @strategicopsgroup

Furthermore, training, has been mentioned quite a few times on Instagram with varying opinions on the situation

tacvent You can always train for speed and tactics, but nothing can come close to preparing you for the way your mind and body behave when someone is seconds and inches away from taking your life, which is why experience is at least on a par with training, giving one priceless insight into how they will react in deadly, terrifying situations.🤔 Sure, with the sound on, it’s initially cringeworthy, but sister did well in fighting off a stronger opponent for a considerably long time until her partner cleared the suspect’s sinuses.💥 Some have suggested that she should’ve reached for her own weapon during the struggle, but she likely needed both hands on the bad guy’s gun, just to maintain. Chances are, she knew her backup had arrived, so she did the right thing – control that fucking gun. As for the screaming, I’ve seen men do worse, and it’s a wonderful thing that she prevented the suspect’s second murder in three days, keeping him occupied while her partner took quick aim, and, most importantly, the cops went home. 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

Personally I like Clint’s take on a gun fight.

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