FDNY rejects Navy Seal!

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The FDNY rejected an application sent in by someone who could probably run laps around EVERYONE in the firehouse. We can say that with confidence because that applicant just so happens to be a navy seal! You know the guys who under go intense physical training to before even being considered for the position. Thats if they dont wash out.

This isnt a case of some 50 year old vet trying to relive his glory days. Shaun Donovan was within the age cutoff at the time of his application though the FDNY claims he was over 6 months.

The Tribunist writes that After he graduated from college in 2005, Donovan enlisted in the military where he became a decorated Navy SEAL earning numerous medals for valor during four combat tours. With his retirement on the horizon in 2020, Donovan began to look towards the future.

On Oct. 25, the veteran used military leave and his own money to fly to New York to test for the FDNY. According to the NYP, Donovan paid $1,331 out of pocket for the trip. He scored in the one percentile and excelled in the physical test as well.

Then, on Feb. 1, an FDNY investigator called him and informed him that he was six months and 25 days over the acceptable limit. According to FDNY’s website, the cut off is age 29 but with military service, the age requirement is extended to 35, which Donovan was at the time.

PhotoCredit: Reddit. USN

NewsMax writes that for Donovan “It was a letdown,” Donovan, who twice traveled to New York City for FDNY testing from his home in San Diego, racking up more than $1,300 in travel expenses. “I was allowed to apply and take the test. At no point was I made aware I was outside any age limit. It just seemed everything was lined up and ready to go.”

Donovan, The Post reported, has earned medals for valor during his time as a SEAL. He nearly aced the FDNY’s written exam, scoring in the top 1%, and then passed the physical test that involved climbing stairs, dragging a hose, and raising a ladder.

Donovan appealed his case to New York City’s Civil Service Commission and might file a lawsuit if the appeal comes up short.

This isnt the first time this has happened the Post reports the FDNY has hired several minority firefighters in their 30s and 40s — well beyond the age limit — because it was determined they were discriminated against.

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