EXCLUSIVE- Protecting the 2nd Amendment, California’s Firearm Policy Coalition is on the Front lines

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In an all out assault on the Second Amendment, the vastly “Blue” State Legislature of California; fast tracked and passed multiple gun laws/bans this week.

SB 1446 was just approved and is headed to the Governors desk for signature. If this bill is signed it would make any one here in the state of Ca a felon for possession of legally owed standard capacity magazines. I spoke with Firearm Policy Coalitions‘ Spokesperson Craig DeLuz at length last night. He, and other members of the FPC; are on the front lines of the fight against the Gun Grabbers in California.

“We fight these assaults on the Second Amendment wherever it emanates…” he says. Craig and the FPC are constantly at the California Legislature, lobbying, analyzing policy and creating/fueling grass roots movements to stop these assaults on our civil rights. “…if they take away the Second Amendment, which one will they go for next? …it’s the Second Amendment that protects all the others…” he continued to say.

“It’s a time, when criminals are being released on to the streets, and terrorists attack soft targets unchecked; and they want to disarm us?” Craig’s question raises many questions in my mind. Such as what is the end game? It is an extremely dangerous time in this country, and the Admin at both the Federal and State levels want to deprive us from the ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones. In regards to the Bills that were maliciously and damn near illegally driven through both California’s Senate and House, DeLuz states, “…It’s an assault on our Civil Rights…”

Here are the Bills that were passed:

SB 880 (Hall): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
SB 894 (Jackson): Re-victimizes victims by criminalizing the failure to report lost and stolen firearms.
SB 1235 (de Leon): Now competes with Gavin Newsom’s Safety for All Act/Ammo Ban.
SB 1446 (Hancock): Confiscation of lawfully acquired, standard capacity ammunition feeding devices.
AB 857 (Cooper): Forced “Ghost Gun” registration.
AB 1135 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
AB 1511 (Santiago): Bans the loaning of firearms.
AB 1673 (Gipson): Redefines “firearms” to include items that are not firearms.
AB 1674 (Santiago): Bans buying more than one firearm within a 30-day period.
AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes some non-violent misdemeanors punishable by prohibitions on owning firearms.
AB 2607 (Ting): Dramatically expands who can request a Gun Violence Restraining order.

(For more on the Gunpocalypse, check out the FPC’s website here)

The Governor of California has two weeks to sign/veto these bills. If he does neither, they become law automatically. However, the Governor is due to leave for vacation. Which puts the Lt. Governor in charge. Which means the Lt. Governor can sign or veto these bills.

Call the governors office now 916-445-2841 and also go to www.vetogunbills.com

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