EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with the creators of the Pocket Shot

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I’m sure by now many of you have seen the video of the Pocket Shot floating around facebook and other social media.
The incredible invention has so many uses that it is near impossible to list them all. From survival to target practice, this ingenious tool is a MUST HAVE!
TS- How did the concept for the pocket shot evolve/come around?
PS-  We made something similar when we were kids with a bottle top and a balloon. We could tell that it was very powerful for such a small device.  We sat on the idea for years. About 5 years ago, we were playing around with the homemade version in the backyard and broke a bottle with a small pebble.  We thought, how could we “beef it up” and make a commercial version that could actually do some real damage.
(Ironically—After we came out with the Pocket Shot we realized we weren’t the only ones with the homemade version, many kids around the world were doing the same thing. We got tons of emails about this from Mexico to Russia)

TS- What were some of the challenges in developing the Pocket Shot?
PS-  The latex is by far the biggest challenge. (It still is). How do you seat the latex onto the ring without having it tear?  What type of latex needs to be used? Furthermore, no one in the USA makes latex and dips and we did not want to make it in China. We finally found a small manufacturer in Indiana who could work with us.
-With latex, durability vs power is always a yin yang we play with. We had some issues when we started with chipping/breaking of the plastic inner ring. A steel ball moving 350 FPS out the open end pretty much breaks anything it hits!  So we had to change our material and get a high impact plastic. The only other option is Titanium which is very expensive or steel which is very heavy. Finally, changing the pouches by tightening the ring. We had used a cap from a laundry detergent bottle to unscrew it once it got tight. We decided to put the “Key” built into the cap so the user could tighten and loosen the rings without using an external tool.
TS- How fast does (fps) does a projectile fly from the PS once fired?
PS- The Pro pouch shoots up to 350 FPS with a 5/16 steel ball.  It is a harder pull. (but will stretch out over time).  The standard pouch is easier to shoot and more durable.  It will get approx. 275 FPS by an average user. I would recommend the standard pouches if you are new to the Pocket Shot. The arrows will shoot approx. 130 FPS with the arrow pouch. We use 30″ arrows 500 Grain.
TS- How accurate is it?
PS- The Pocket Shot is a “tool” and with any tool it is as good as its user. We have videos that show some amazing shots with both the slingshot version and the arrow.
TS- Aside from arrows and bolts, can the PS fire other projectiles? (i.e. marbles, ball bearings, etc…)
PS- The Pocket Shot can shoot pretty much anything that does not have a sharp edge and that is small enough to fit inside.
We like to shoot steel slingshot ammo, small paintballs, airsoft, marbles, woodballs, mini marshmallows, skittles, dog treats, frozen peas. The list is endless.

TS- How durable is the PS?
PS- Typically you will get between 200-400 shots off with a pouch.   It depends on how hard you are on them, what type of ammo etc. They are designed to be replacable.  (takes 10 seconds).  Think of them as dispozable razors or weedwhacker line.  It’s a new concept for the “slingshot.”
TS- Would you classify the PS as a “Must Have” survival tool?
PS-  The knowledge and skill involved in any situation is more valuable than a tool.  With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to have one in your kit.  It can kill small to medium sized game if that is your intention. It also weighs and takes up zero space in your pack.
TS- Any future projects we can get a sneak peek at?
PS-  We will have a handle coming out later this year for people who prefer the more traditional method of holding a slingshot. The handle will also provide a hub for all types of future attachments we have in mind.
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