Easter Bunny Beat Down! *Video*

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Its not our normal coverage but it was too damn funny not to. It would appear that the Easter bunny isn’t afraid to throw hands. So dont be starting no shit on Easter.

According to FoxNews A costumed stranger fighting for justice removed his mask Monday — but it wasn’t Bruce Wayne revealing he’s Batman or Peter Parker confessing he’s Spider-Man.

It turns out the person seen in an Easter bunny outfit brawling with two others this weekend in a viral video has a familiar identity: Florida man.

Antoine McDonald, still dressed in the holiday getup he purchased at Walmart, admitted to being the man behind the whiskers and wiggling nose during an interview Monday with FOX35 Orlando.

McDonald said he was out Easter Sunday with his cousin and friend heading to a club in downtown Orlando — and dressed from floppy ear to thumper in the rabbit attire — when the group saw a man spit on a woman, who then retaliated by punching the expectorator.

“I see this lady and this guy going back and forth, and I’m just looking at it and walking,” McDonald told FOX35 Orlando. “Then I see him spit on her, and she starts hitting him, so I walk over there, I try to help…

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