DUDE takes Bullet to the SPINE During Fight For Jobar

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During clashes with the FSA in Jobar, Syria, a member of the Syrian Arab Army takes a sniper round directly to his spine.

While in a staging area preparing for an assault against an FSA held location, a sniper from the FSA takes a shot at the group of soldiers. The round enters the front of the soldiers body, and exits the back severing his spinal chord. The soldier drops to the ground instantly, and realizes that his legs are no longer working. In an attempt to not just lay in the exact same spot he was shot, he tries to use his arms to back stroke away from the position, but it doesn’t work.

After a few seconds, his buddies finally come to his aid and pull him back into cover. Shortly after, it appears as if the SAA is conducting some sort of medical evacuation of the soldier, but it’s hard to tell what is going as there appears to be other wounded soldiers at the position.

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