Dont leave your spare CCW mag unsecure in your pocket!

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Im not going to lie. I stole this thing from the boss’s desk for a day or two to get some thoughts. I do not think this is a good product, I think its an AMAZING product. My biggest concerns while using the Neomag was that the magazine would get knocked loose from constantly shifting. Jumping into and out of my vehicle or retrieving items from the pocket.

The concept behind the Neomag is that it is a minimalist spare magazine holder that doesn’t take up as much room or look as conspicuous as your standard magazine carrier! It uses a neodymium magnet to secure your magazine within your pocket while keeping it positioned to keep it easily accessible should you need to change magazines. My biggest concern at first was the strength of the magnet. This is where my concerns of your magazine being detached came from. With that said, there was no reason to worry. It is strong enough to hold your magazine in place no matter what you are doing but not so strong that you wont be able to pull your magazine out or pull out the entire apparatus itself still attached to said magazine.

The Neomag’s titanium clip is nothing to sneeze at either. Its durable, not going to bend out of place like you would see with spring steel or aluminum clips, and  its not going anywhere. It securely attaches your Neomag to your pants.

This will not work with aftermarket magazines such as ETS or Magpul.

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NeoMag Pocket Magazine Holder

The NeoMag is a minimalist back-up magazine holder that inconspicuously clips inside your pocket.  Built from the toughest materials and backed by a lifetime warranty.

The patented NeoMag allows a single NeoMag to work with all Single and Double stack magazines in it’s caliber designated sizes.

Small = .380 ACP

Medium = 9mm & .40

Large = .45ACP & 10mm

There are two clip sizes (regular & extended for pinky rest/entensions) and two clip colors (black & silver).


Material: Blacknitride Steel
Clip: Cerakote black Titanium
Made in USA
Lifetime Warranty


  • Glock OEM Magazines work!  ETS and Magpul do not
  • Wilson Combat 9mm single stack choose Large
  • Check Springfield XD magazine to make sure they are magnetic
  • Check California compliant Glock 10 round magazine to make sure they are magnetic


G.O.A.T. called. He said "buy a Neomag"

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