Devgru Seal Offers Combat Fitness Program for Free

Dom Raso is a Veteran Navy SEAL and owner of Dynamis Alliance. … Today Dom is dedicated to leading modern day warriors through physical and tactical training.

Here’s a Personal Quote from Dom Raso explaining what the ARMR UP program means to him.

“ARMR UP is training for life. Our mission is to build assets and a community that supports and encourages them. I want ARMR-UP to be different from everything in the world. When people become a part of the community and engage, they start to realize what fitness was really meant to be.”

ARMR-UP: Training For Life

Mentally and physically forge The Will To Fight™! This 3 phase workout program was designed by Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso. Each phase has a unique purpose. You can use 1 of the phases if you have limited time and equipment, or you can combine all of them for the most well rounded functional fitness program you have ever done!

Our entire team is devoted to the research, development and training of modern tactics and equipment: providing you with the most effective solutions to protect freedom and defend against modern day threats. With online training we can now get the best training we have to offer into your hands wherever you are so that you can continue to learn and hone your skills.

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