Democrat REPLACES POW/MIA flag with trans flag.

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First off, there no issue with you wanting to show your cause or fly a flag just so long as you do it appropriately… This however is the most disrespectful shit we have seen in a awhile. She could have just added the trans flag. But no, She straight up replaced the POW/MIA Flag ultimately turning a blind eye to those imprisoned, killed, or missing in action to preserve her rights and freedoms as an american.


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If you live in VA and you’re shocked this happened, you let it get voted in. Way to stand behind those who died, who defend your rights and who insure those rights are never taken! More proof #democrats hate America… Why not just add the flag? 🤔🤷‍♂️ POW/MIA FLAG “as the symbol of our Nation’s concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Americans still prisoner, missing and unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, thus ending the uncertainty for their families and the Nation.” #alwaysmoveforward #semperfi #powmia #pow #mia #veterans #tig #johntiegen #13hoursthesecretsoldiersofbenghazi

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We decided to dig even further into this and found not only did she remove the POW/MIA flag but the order of her flags is wrong as well. The POW/MIA flag is always second in prominence to the American flag. It, too, should be placed under, or to the left (observer’s right) of the U.S. flag, and to the right (observer’s left) of any other flags on display. The POW/MIA flag should be shown on the following days: 1. Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday in May. 2. Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. 3. Flag Day, June 14. 4. Independence Day, July 4. 5. National POW/MIA Recognition Day, the third Friday of September. 6. Veterans Day, November 11.
The POW/MIA flag is required to be flown at the Capitol Building, the White House, the World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, each national cemetery, the buildings of the Secretaries of State, Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Selective Service Director; each major military base, any Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, and any United States Postal Service post office. Hung indoors, it must be the second farthest flag placed to the viewer’s left, with the flag’s silhouetted soldier upright and facing away from the staff.

State and Territory Flags
State flags should be placed after the American and POW/MIA flag in the order the states were admitted to the Union, or in alphabetical order. Territorial flags should be placed after the state flags using the same methods of order as the state flags.

This blatant ignorance and disrespect needs to stop. If your an elected official you represent your state and your country not your personal agendas.

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