Dem State Rep Targets Veterans With Proposal To Strip Them Of Earned Benefits

According to The Gateway Pundit

The Democrat state representative isn’t targeting violent Black Lives Matter or Antifa activists who break into federal buildings and light them on fire. She’s not targeting the criminal BLM/Antifa activists who burned and looted several businesses in the city she represents on May 31, 2020, at the height of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

MI Rep. Anthony (D) is instead fighting to make sure Michigan’s US veterans who’ve served our nation don’t even think about taking part in a protest that might turn violent or consider joining a militia or group that might be perceived as anti-government. According to the Dem Rep., there is plenty of reason to believe veterans are being targeted to participate in organizations the Left has defined as  “domestic terrorists.” If Rep. Anthony has her way, veterans will not only be charged and prosecuted like everyday civilians, but as an added bonus, they’ll also be stripped of state-administered benefits they earned when they honorably served our nation.

“This week, I will have a blueback available at my desk (seat #71) to preclude veterans from receiving state administered benefits if they are convicted of a domestic terrorism offense.

We have seen a significant uptick in incidents involving domestic terrorism over the last few years, including several threats and planned attacks against state-level elected officials in Michigan. Last month, FBI Director Wray reported that the bureau’s domestic terrorism caseload has roughly doubled in the last year alone.

Fortunately, Michigan has been a leader in counterterrorism efforts, with clear laws regulating and prosecuting acts of terrorism against the state. The Michigan Anti-Terrorism Act defines an act of terrorism as a willful and deliberate act that is intended to pose a danger to human life, intimidate or coerce a group or affect government action. Violations of this act would be considered a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. My bill would add language to the definition of veteran to clearly exclude those who violate the “Michigan anti-terrorism act” from receiving state-administered veteran benefits.”