Davis Officer hailed as a ‘Rising Star’ fatally shot While Responding to accident.

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Yet again another police officer has been senselessly murdered. Every day they put on the uniform they know there is a chance they wont be coming home. Every day they are berated mocked and  criticized. An officer gave her life only after weeks on the job while responding to a three car collision. The Davis officer who had just graduated the academy and was hailed as a rising star in the department.

FoxNews reports that a police officer in Davis, Calif., was fatally shot Thursday night while responding to a traffic accident, prompting a massive manhunt for the gunman, who later killed himself, authorities said.

Natalie Corona, 22, was pronounced dead at UC Davis Medical Center. She was responding to a three-car crash at around 6:45 p.m.

Davis Police confirmed early Friday morning that the shooter was found dead inside a home with what appeared to be a self-inflicited gunshot wound.

Corona, who began as a community service officer in 2016, had graduated from the police academy in July. She had just completed her field training before Christmas and had been out on her own for a couple of weeks, Pytel said.

“She was a rising star in the department,” Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said at a press conference. “She just worked like you can’t believe.”

Firefighters performed life-saving measures at the scene and Corona was rushed to a nearby hospital, Pytel said. It was unclear whether she was targeted or caught up in a crossfire.

The ongoing investigation was turned over…

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