Criminals could be using gun buy backs to “Upgrade” to better weapons!

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In a recent news report a woman sold her old 9mm pistol to use the money to buy a better weapon. Now Let us make this clear. The woman is not a criminal. However, whose to say that criminals are not using this program in the same way?Selling their old weapons to use the money to buy something better? Criminals do not obey gun laws. The only people turning in, excuse us, willingly disarming themselves are law abiding citizens who are only turning themselves into potential soft targets for those who wish to do them harm.

According to FoxNews A woman in Baltimore is using the city’s gun buyback program, not to get firearms off the street but to upgrade to a better weapon.

On Monday, the city’s Police Department paid gun owners anywhere from $25 to $500 for their unwanted firearms and magazines in an attempt to get weapons off the street, FOX 45 News reported.

By 5:30 p.m., more than 500 firearms had been collected.

The city paid out $25 for rifle magazines that carry more than 10 rounds, $100 for revolvers, and pump and bolt-action weapons. $200 for semi-automatic weapons and $500 for fully automatic weapons.

While some residents turned in firearms that went unused for years, a woman who went by the name Darlene told the station she was turning in her 9 mm so she could “upgrade to a better weapon.”

“I don’t know [what type of weapon],” she said. “I haven’t quite decided.”

Others said they were turning in their weapons for quick cash or to support the city’s efforts to thwart gun violence.

Many cities have embraced gun buyback campaigns in recent years, but experts have said they are ineffective at reducing gun violence, USA Today reported.

A big flaw is that the firearms collected usually are not the kind typically used in crimes.

“They make for good photo images,” said Michael Scott, director of…

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This reminds us of a video that RoyalNonesuch did where he was able to sell homemade weapons to one of these gun buybacks no questions asked. Which can be seen below.

and it seems that Royal isnt the only one that has caught wind of this. Home made firearms are showing up at gun buybacks across the country. For a couple bucks in materials a criminal could walk away with enough of a profit to now purchase an actual firearm off the street.

With that being said. Gun buybacks do little to nothing to stop violent criminals and there are quite a few flaws to the program. Any responsible gun owner with even the slightest bit of common sense isnt going to hand over a $1500 AR15 for a 200 gift certificate. Criminals on the other hand probably wont hesitate to hand over that saturday night special for the funds to pick up something better….

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