Cops in NJ now endangered by magazine ban!

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Earlier we had reported on New Jerseys newest unconstitutional violation of the 2nd amendment. Their “High Capacity” Magazine ban in which a few of their officials said they have not ruled out door to door seizures. Simply being in possession of any magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds can get you charged with a fourth degree felony, fined up to $10,000 and up to 18 months in prison.

What happens if someone resist during these door to door visits are they going to suffer the same fate as the maryland man during a red flag law confiscation?

Now it seems that a prosecutor is taking it even further and expanding it to law enforcement officers who are off duty.

You know, people who at any point in time are targeted by criminals or in some cases stop criminal acts in progress while they are off duty.

This new law strips them of their ability from not only being able to defend themselves from criminals who ARE NOT going to comply with the magazine ban but negates their ability to protect and serve their communities effectively!


Yet again Laws are being passed based on feelings and will not save anyone. Political correctness and feelings are starting to become a plague to this country.

We’re sure some people are going to love this because now law enforcement is being held to the same standard off duty like the rest of us but that is neither the concern nor the problem. As far as we’re concerned these people are idiots. The problem is YOUR rights as american citizens are being stripped away. What was once a slow crawl has turned into a dead sprint. This law only benefits the politicians pushing them and not the american people. How long before they start restricting what you can say or type? Because once the Second amendment is gone you can be damn sure that is where they will start next!

This whole situation is ridiculous and will do nothing to save a single life. Some people will see this as further proof that the magazine capacity restriction law was ill conceived and is being poorly implemented while others will “celebrate” this because at least the cops are being held to the same standard as everyone else when off duty.
Regardless, this law helps no one except a handful of politicians who are pandering to people who are concerned about problems they misunderstand or that don’t even exist.

Again, We are beating a dead horse into the dirt at this point and we are not going to stop either and as we have said before, multiple times, it is extremely important that you as responsible gun owners take action against the constant attacks on the second amendment. Sharing a post on social media is not enough. Its time to be active contacting your legislatures and representatives. Go vote! Make sure these idiots aren’t afforded the chance to infringe on your rights.


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