Concealed Carry Homeowner Through Window By Deputy! *Graphic*

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A video from an Officers body camera shows the moment a homeowner was shot and injured last month.  The footage contradicts the initial report released by the department and now state law enforcement in launching an investigation into the incident.

WWYFF Reports that the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is clarifying information it released about a deputy involved shooting.

The shooting happened on Eastcrest Drive in Simpsonville on June 14, according to to Lt. Jimmy Bolt with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Bolt said the sheriff’s office originally said the homeowner opened the door and pointed a weapon at the deputy.

After a full internal investigation, the Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday changed that to say the door was closed, Bolt said.

Bolt said that during the internal investigation the deputy did not make the originally reported statement and it was miscommunicated that the door was opened.

Body camera footage of the shooting was….

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Notice at the end of the video, to add insult to injury, his firearm was “Recovered” from the scene.

This could very easily be one of us who goes to investigate a sound in the middle of the night.

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