Conceal Carry permit holder Shoots at traffic stop suspect!

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As a conceal carry holder it is your responsibility to know when you can and cannot shoot. The most commonly agreed upon situation is when the threat of death or serious bodily injury presents itself. It should be said however that many conceal carry permit holders have come to the aid of officers in distress. One man who has not been named decided to aid an officer after a traffic stop by pulling his jeep in front of the suspects vehicle. The suspect ends up ramming his jeep at which point the ccw holder drew his weapon firing four rounds into the fleeing vehicle.

According to Fox8 The officer didn’t know anything about the man with the gun, and before finding out, he left to chase down the suspect he had first pulled over. The officer arrested Shon Burton.

Meantime, police say they later found the citizen gunman holds a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and he got involved because he wanted to help.

Parma police say they appreciate help, but citizens can’t just jump into police matters and pull a gun.

Sergeant Dan Ciryak said, “Citizens should use caution.” He added, “Even if they have a permit the officer doesn’t know what their intention is, so when they pull that gun out, it depends on the officer’s perception at the time.”

Ciryak pointed out, the citizen easily could have been shot by the officer especially since everything happened in seconds.

Serious felony charges have been filed against Shon Burton, the driver police pulled over and had to chase down. But no charges have been filed against that citizen firing the shots. At least not yet. A prosecutor or grand jury will decide if he should end up facing charges, too.

The I-Team spoke to the citizen gunman by phone. He said, “For my safety, the officer’s safety, I had to fire the gun at that moment. I acted out of fear to stop the car without the officer getting hurt.” He added,

“The intent was to shoot the vehicle rather that the suspect.”

We didn’t identify the citizen…

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What do you think? Was the ccw holder within his rights to engage the suspect?

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