Check out this gun part manufacturers Response to Federals Release of the .224 Valkyrie

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I wonder if this will have the same following as 300 blk or 6.5 creedmoor?

RECOIL reports

On the heels of Federal Premium’s unveiling of the .224 Valkyrie, JP Enterprises announced three new barrels alongside its EnhancedBolt Assembly designed around the long range cartridge.

The SuperMatch barrels offer a 20-inch length with both light-weight and medium-weight contours. Featuring 1:7 twist, the barrels provide a 416R stainless steel construction. JP says the setup boasts extra-large gas port positions which, according to the company, increases dwell time while reducing pressure issues.

Each barrel has undergone a day-long cryogenic treatment in which liquid nitrogen is utilized to lower the temperature to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. (Mr. Freeze would be proud.) The barrel is then heated to approximately +300 degrees.

“This treatment yields three major benefits, namely: cold bore shot predictability, minimum thermal drift and vastly superior barrel life,” JP Enterprises said. “No other major manufacturer invests this expense and added effort into every barrel, but years of experience have shown it to be worthwhile.”

Available in complete rifles and upper assemblies, JP also supplies component barrels and barrel kits (with gas system and muzzle device) for the new .224 Valkyrie. Component barrels come equipped with an individual head-spaced EnhancedBolt assembly.

JP points out that the EnhancedBolt utilizes SAE 9310 material along with specific lug geometry that results in longer life expectancy and resiliency. The EnhancedBolt comes outfitted with the company’s Enhanced Ejector, Extractor, and Gas Rings.

JP confides that it’s been holding secret club-house meetings with Federal Premium over the past few months in order to bring the barrels and kits to life. The parts and rifle manufacturer expects “amazing results as shooters adopt the new cartridge, especially for those shooting a JP-built rifle or home-build.”

Extensive testing conducted by…

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