Caught on Camera, Mother Steals from 94 Year old Veteran!

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People make me sick… Its like everyday they find a new way to make us lose faith in humanity.

According to the DailyMail

Police are investigating Heather Weldon who was seen entering Thomas Hendrix’s Douglas, Georgia, home on Monday with her two young children and a man.

Hendrix, a retired US Navy veteran, lives with a caretaker who was not home at the time and let the family-of-four into his home.

Home surveillance footage shows the man and two children leading Hendrix into another room as Weldon stayed behind to use the bathroom.

But instead of going to the restroom, the video shows Weldon finding Hendrix’s wallet and stealing money from it.

Police say she stole $40 out of Hendrix’s wallet.

She is seen in the video stuffing the cash into her dress and then heading to the bathroom to flush the toilet.

Neil DeLoach…

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