ccw holster

CCW Concealed Carry Corset Review

Let me start by describing my situation. I am a 120 pound, 5′ 2″ woman. Yes, I am little, and no, there aren’t many options available to me that allow me to comfortably carry. I think I can speak for most women when I say finding a comfortable, practical way to conceal our weapon has never been […]

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80% Lower FAIL

BUY our 80% Forged Lower Receiver by clicking the image below. 

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Shooting Trauma Kit | Scorpion Range Bag by Jacqueline Carrizossa

Scorpion Range Bag- I’m Buggin Out! By: Spike Bowan ©FrogDogWriting 2014 There are many schools of thought as to what is supposed to be in your personal “Bug Out” Bag.  Some people, like myself, lean more heavily toward the medical aspect. Of course I do, I’m a Paramedic and a prior 8404 FMF Hospital Corpsman. […]

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