Breaking! Whitehouse On Lockdown, Capitol Hill Evac’d After Aircraft Breaks Airspace!

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Breaking! Fighter Jets were scambled after a aircraft broke into restricted airspace and failed to communicate with ATC. Additional measures were taken including the evacuation or capitol hill and placing the whitehouse on lockdown.

 According to the Independent a correspondent for The Independent was among those reporters at the White House as teams of reporters were taken inside by the US Secret Service and told it was a shelter-in-place scenario. The correspondent reported seeing movement in what appeared to be a missile launch site. Fighter jets were also scrambled to the scene, as US Northern Command said it had tasked aircraft responding to the emergency alert.

The evacuation orders for Capitol Hill were sent out at approximately 8:30 am and the White House lockdown began nearly 15 minutes later. The orders were lifted following nearly thirty minutes of organised panic, in which federal officials appeared to be readying a response for a potentially disastrous situation….

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This is a developing situation we will provide more information as it becomes available!

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