Breaking! Plane from Dubai QUARANTINED at JFK INTL Airport!

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CBS NewYork reports that A plane from Dubai landed at JFK Airport and was held away from the terminal after several passengers on board reported feeling sick.

The Emirates Airbus A380 arrived at Terminal 4 and was met by the Centers for Disease Control and Port Authority police. Seven crew members and passengers were transported to a Jamaica Hospital in Queens.

Emirates Flight 203 landed in New York Wednesday shortly after 9 a.m. with 500 people on board. It was a direct flight from Dubai and did not make a stop in Mecca as the New York mayor’s office erroneously reported earlier.

FlightAware: Emirates Flight 203

Shortly before 10:30 a.m., Emirates Airlines said only about 10 passengers from Dubai had taken ill. Previous reports estimated the number of sick passengers at closer to 100 people.

“On arrival, as a precaution, they were attended to by local health authorities,” it said. “All others will disembark shortly. The safety & care of our customers is our first priority.”

A government source briefed on situation said there was no evidence of a security or terror…

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