El Paso Shooter Posted Manifesto to 8CHAN!

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While the shooter was Identified we’re going to stick with the not dropping this shit stains name. Several media outlets however, are stating that he released a manifesto and that the FBI is currently investigating. A brief look over the document not only indicates how bat shit insane this shooter is but that he may have been attempting to spark a race war and is a copycat of the Christ Church Shooter.


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The #FBI is investigating an unconfirmed manifesto posted on #8chan supposedly by the #ElPaso gunman, identified as Patrick Crusius, before he opened fire on shoppers at the Cielo Vista Mall. The Manifesto said he conducted the attack “in response to the Hispanic invasion of #Texas.” He said he is “simply defending his country from cultural and ethnic replacement,” noting that this happened to the Native Americans because they didn’t take the “invasion of Europeans seriously.” It said he was motivated by The Great Replacement and the #Christchurch shooter. • In his political reasonings for the attack, he said both #Democrats and #Republicans were failing the country and that it was “rotting from the inside out.” He says that America will be controlled by the Democratic Party, who will use mass immigration to sway votes and carry out a “political coup.” The manifesto also criticized the Republican Party, which it says is pro-corporation, which is in turn pro-immigration. • For economic reasons, he states that an influx of immigrants from Central #America will increase automation, which he said is the biggest issue. He added that the increased population will cause civil unrest unless a universal income is created to avoid widespread poverty. The manifesto also says that corporations need to keep filling the “low-skill labor pool” because immigrant children seek higher level education and employment and not “dirty work” like their parents. It also cites The #Lorax as a “brilliant” portrayal of the current environmental crisis by “shameless over harvesting,” “water pollution from farm and oil drilling operations,” and the build up of waste. It criticizes “the average American,” the government, and corporations for their unwillingness to change its lifestyle and tackle these issues. #AtlasNewsUpdateUnitedStates

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A brief view of the document shows that the shooter supports the New Zealand shooter and his manifesto bears many similarities. Referring to immigrants as invaders.


We’d like to draw your attention here though. He just highlights the point that shooters will target places in which there is no security or its unlikely they will get in a gunfight. This type of crazy psychopath is why we encourage our fans to Carry everywhere and Carry everyday.

In short. The shooter was a psychotic piece of shit and its a shame he was taken alive.

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