Breaking! ATF HQ EVACUATED Due To Suspicious substance!

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Breaking! The ATF headquarters has been evacuated after an employee opened a package containing a suspicious substance!

ABC15 reports that The headquarters in Washington, DC, was evacuated after the suspicious package was discovered.

A HAZMAT crew responded to the scene and left the building shortly before 4:40 p.m. Thursday, according to April Langwell, the head of ATF Public Affairs.

Langwell said that the field test of the substance is “clear” and they are sending the substance that was found in an envelope opened by an employee to a lab for further analysis. She said the package was “not the usual suspicious package.”

Langwell told CNN that it appears that only one person was affected by the package, which was opened at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

There were still…

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This is a developing story. We will continue to update as information becomes available!

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