Adams Arms Forced to Auction by Creditors!

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Adams Arms is being forced to auction by their creditors! Who will buy Adams Arms?  Will the Brand Survive?  Will they have downtime?  Who knows,  If you are wanting to build a piston rifle, I would act quickly to secure the remaining stock before it goes to auction!

we will be closing out our available inventory at 20% off while supplies last.

According to their website Adams Arms had this to say in response to the Numerous Inquiries being made regarding the auction.

Adams Arms has been committed to quality, innovation, and most importantly, their customers, since its founding in 2007. Over the last 12 years, Adams Arms has grown from a simple Piston Conversion Kit to a wide range of firearms, accessories, and various OEM partnerships. Beyond product offerings, Adams Arms has always been committed to their community. In 2013 the facility was moved to Pasco County to bring jobs and economic development. Since 2007, Adams Arms has sponsored, donated to, and served hundreds of local and national charitable organizations including Military and Veteran organizations, Law Enforcement, Cancer Research, local schools and even victims of house fires. Adams Arms has always been committed to serving The People first, starting with a cleaner and more reliable firearm.

While the company has not stopped serving our customers and community, the current climate has not offered the expected growth to keep up with the financial demands of the operation. Adams Arms’ secured debt recently has come due. The creditors are having all of Adams Arms’ assets auctioned, via Moecker and Associates, as a complete, turnkey operation with the intent that the operation will remain intact and continue to service its customers. Adams Arms is continuing to sell, deliver, and service our wide range of piston-driven firearms, parts, and accessories and fully expects for Adams Arms’ customers to continue to be serviced under new ownership after the auction.

While there have been many assumptions, speculations, accusations, and odd-ball theories, the Team at Adams Arms remains committed to the brand and their customers and will continue to operate and provide service under new ownership. Adams Arms remains hopeful that the outcome of the auction is in the best interest of the customers, partners and the Adams Arms brand.

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we will be closing out our available inventory at 20% off while supplies last.

Paul A. Miller
CEO & Chairman

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Tactical Shit has been a long time partner of and fan of Adams Arms.  We hope they pull through this.  in the meantime, we will be closing out our available inventory at 20% off while supplies last.

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