UPDATE! Boom Headshot! Pakistani’s celebratory gunfire cut short! *Graphic Video*

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UPDATE:  More cellphone videos have emerged of the accident.

Do not look down the barrel of a firearm period. Loaded or unloaded. Never point your gun at something you don’t intend to shoot. How many times have we all heard these rules of gun safety or something similar to it? Well apparently someone in the middle east did not get the message.

Celebratory gunfire in the middle east is a common ritual at weddings, New Years Eve, and other events. Patrons will fire AK47s, pistols, anything that goes bang really into the air without a care in the world as to where the bullet will land and more often than not it does end with injuries.

The man can be seen with the party participating in the festivities when his gun malfunctions and ceases to operate. He makes every attempt to try and solve the problem and at some point he bends down over the hot weapon and looks down the barrel while still attempting to solve the problem without giving much thought as to what will happen once the malfunction is remedied.

Well, the gun functions and unfortunately hes still looking down the barrel when it does.

Several versions of this video have been posted through out social media claiming that he was transported to a hospital but not saying much after that. However, he did in fact succumb to his injuries.

Dont point guns at your domes folks.


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