Bomb Making Mad Man tries to “Target”, Target

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Florida man accused of planning to bomb Target stores to lower company’s stock

(FOX)- A Florida man is accused of planning to bomb Target stores along the East Coast in an attempt to buy cheap stock in the company, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Mark Charles Barnett, 48, of Ocala, was charged with possession or possession of a destructive device affecting commerce by a previously convicted felon, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Barnett is a registered sex offender in Florida.

The Justice Department filed a complaint alleging Barnett built at least 10 explosive devices and paid another man $10,000 to place the bombs on store shelves.

According to the complaint, Barnett thought the explosions would cause Target stock prices to drop, allowing him to buy cheap shares in the company before it rebounded.

Barnett faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

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