Blacks in #Ferguson Plan Mogadishu Style Tire Burning at Onset of Action

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Anyone who has seen the movie Blackhawk down knows that the “skinnies” warned each other of the inbound Ranger and Marine Elements by burning tires and setting up roadbloacks.  The thick black smoke was evident in plumes rising from all around the city and many of the SOF guys that were on the ground that day say they can still smell it today.

This is not a new strategy for Africans, Palestinians, Ukrainians or Venezuelans  it is only new for African Americans.  Besides, Turn Down for What?

The images above show what we should expect from this new strategy including the THROWING of Burning Tires at Police and possibly “Necklaces” for anyone that opposes the movement.

Here are a few of the #WarReady tweets we intercepted:

tires tweet


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