The only Binary Trigger system You’ll Need: The Franklin Armory Binary Firing System Trigger!

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Full Auto weapons are highly sought after. They are also very very expensive and Highly regulated. The process and paperwork involved to get one is not only complex but a lengthy process as well. If you were to obtain said weapon legally there are further restrictions that you must observe unless you want to end up in federal prison. However, There is a cheaper and easier alternative.

The Frankling Armory Binary Trigger System Trigger!

This trigger system does not give you fully automatic capabilities. It does however increase your rate of fire by offering a 3 position on your selector which fires on not only the pull but the Release as well which increases your rate of fire.

Here is how it works: The three position selector allows the user to switch from  Safe,  Semiautomatic, or binary. In Binary, the firearm is Fires on the pull and the release of the trigger. However, when the trigger is released, the hammer will fall forward and hit the firing pin. If the shooter were to have an emergency cease fire after pulling the trigger, all the shooter has to do is rotate the selector back to semi and release the trigger and it will not fire.

If your worried about installation. It is pretty much the same as any other trigger. The only notable difference was the addition of spacers on either side of the trigger group and a slave pin that gets knocked out as you install the trigger pin. Fear not, If you have Anti Rotation pins you want to use they will work just fine with the binary system. Just be careful not to get snagged on the IDS spring.

With an MSRP of $429.99 The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger is far far less expensive than trying to get a hold of a auto sear. There are even videos online where shooters compare, if not race their binary triggers against fully automatic weapons and keep up. One was actually able to shoot slightly faster!


Now anytime we talk about Binary Triggers or Slide fire stocks. Someone always has to ask if they will work with each other. And the answer is Yes. Quite well actually! Its not a Franklin Armory Trigger in either video but you can expect the results to be just as spectacular!

If you want to try the Franklin Armory Binary Trigger now would be the time to buy as the ATF is currently looking into regulating them as well as bumpstocks.

Tactical Shit is now stocking the Franklin Armory BFS!

*  Easy to install. No custom fitting.
*  Better trigger pull. 4.5 pounds, +-.5 pound
*  The release phase now has a positive reset.
*  New design eliminates backup disconnector.
*  Stronger buffer spring (included) reduces the possibility of hammer follow.
*  Works in most AR application:  AR10 (308 WIN), AR15, MPX, etc.
*  Works in our F17 series in .17 WSM WITHOUT modification.
*  Works on .22LR uppers WITHOUT modification.
*  Works on 9mm uppers WITHOUT modification.
*  MSRP $429.99


  • Not for civilian sales in CA, DC, IA, ND, NJ, NY, or WA.


  • Improper installation, use, or tampering with the BFS™ will void the warranty and MAY LEAD TO UNINTENTIONAL DISCHARGE OF THE FIREARM THAT MAY LEAD TO INJURY OR EVEN DEATH.

  • No refunds will be issued for triggers after installation has been attempted.

  • By purchasing this product, you are accepting responsibility and liability for the serviceability of the final installation.



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