Biden is Afraid He Will Get in Trouble for Answering to Many Questions

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According to Fox news

President Biden said he would be “in trouble” if he continued to take questions from reporters during a rare back-and-forth with the press Tuesday afternoon.

After speaking about new federal health guidelines for mask-wearing for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals, Biden answered a few shouted questions from gathered reporters at the White House.

“I’m sorry,” he said, after listening to questions about his own mask-wearing and a potential summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

It wasn’t clear what Biden meant, although he’s known for self-deprecation over his history of gaffes.

“Who will Biden ‘get in trouble’ with for taking basic press questions? He’s the PRESIDENT!” Ricochet’s Lyndsey Fifield tweeted.

Since he became president, he’s been more reserved, limiting his engagements with the media to one solo press conference and occasional impromptu question-and-answer sessions like Tuesday’s.

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