Behind the Scenes of Jurassic World Exodus * Full Movie Inside!*

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This week HMFIC, TJ, aka Sig GlocknColt had a chance to sit down with Truexodus and talk about the NEW Fan Made Jurassic Park Movie that came out YESTERDAY 7/30/18!

Truexodus played the pointman sniper who was the eyes and ears of the Haley’s team.  The entire movie was filmed in Hawaii, though some of the team members tagged themselves in Costa Rica to pay homage to the original Jurassic Park movies. Exodus went on to tell us about working with Travis Haley, and his son

It was amazing working with Travis, and he’s inspired me to be the shooter I am today.  Garand Thumb was equally as impressive.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable, and a tough fighter/grappler, as I found out, excellent at everything he put his mind to.  I am a better person walking away from a week with them.

This wasn’t the first big production Exodus was in, you can also catch him on NRATV with Colion Noir,  though he doubts he will do much more big time stuff, unless it is to help a friend in need.

Return to the island for one last mission… 🌴🌺🌋🤯💥🔥🌴 Producer: @spartan117gw Director: @labskyfilms Director Photography: @n_zeke ———— leading cast: @dragonflyhaley @garand_thumb @truexodus @angryorchard6 @jamiecosta @shannoncorbeil @thebarrettjames ———— VFX team: @joeloszack @kerrrobinson84 @marco.cavassa ———— Music team: @ktcompositions @darylleighlynn ———— partners: @haleystrategicofficial @holosunoptics @airsoftevike @ptssyndicate @motorcityairsoft @krytacarms @unitytactical @ballahackoutdoor @airsoftc3 @powerops @airsoftatl @ggarmament @asrepublic @teamflyhalo @jpmotorpool @jkarmyshop @dogsofwar808 @koatacticalsolutions @run_in_workshop @gnpairsoft @mtekusa @xtremeairsoft @bpflightschool ——— @klay_moviesngames @jurassic_world2018 @jurassic_outpost @jurassicjune @jurassiccollectables481 @jurassicworldnews @jurassicparkjeephawaii @reelnewshawaii #jurassicworldexodus #jurassicworld #jurassicworldfallenkingdom #fallenkingdom #bts #onlocation #filmcrew#haleystrategic #fanfilm #bts #holdontoyourbutts #jurassicpark #chaostheory #clevergirl

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As closet nerds and gun nuts, our MAIN question was how is the gun play and here is what Exodus had to say.

We were very detailed, and meticulous about every tactic and gun play/ manipulation in the movie.  We tried our very best but there are some things the camera doesn’t catch or look good on camera.  Being an actor is a different paradigm than being someone who shoots guns.  So there were a lot of challenging elements I used to snipe as a movie watcher that I will no longer critique having now acted.  It’s really that difficult to get everything right.

Check out the FULL MOVIE here!



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