Beach Visit Nearly Kills Family!

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Seriously, some people are completely oblivious to the world they live in. Everything is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts. This family had no idea how close they were to death. Situational awareness folks. It will save your life!

Threepercenternation writes that a British Family went to the beach; Kelly Gravell with her children did not just find something rare and valuable, but also something incredibly dangerous.

When Kelly’s kids were playing on the beach, they came across what they thought was an old buoy covered in sea shells. They played near the large object and took photos with it. They had a great day at the beach and did not think about the large object for a while. When Kelly looked at the pictures they took, she thought the object resembled a bomb. Her suspicions were confirmed after speaking to Pembrook County Park officials. The object was a large sea mine from the World War 2 era.

Their story was posted to the internet where many people commented:

“They have the pictures to prove it. Posing in front of the bomb.”

“That is an inordinate amount of barnacles on that explosive ordnance. I’m glad no one was hurt from it.”

“It is probably a good thing that it had all those barnacles on it, or the children would have been climbing all over it.”

Keep in mind this was not a grenade or landmine. This is much bigger. Seamines require a much larger explosion to poduce more kinetic force in order to 1 displace tons of water and 2 damage the thick steel hulls of warships and submarines. So anyone within a few hundred yards would be dead.

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